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The Most Powerful Antioxidant
Hydrogenized Mineral Water
Exclusively Imported from Mount Fuji, Japan

RM 25.00 per can

What's The Deal with Hydrogen?

Every year, thousands of people experiencing health issues would make a journey to distant places to drink what they call "The Miracle Water”. They would congregate at water sources like the Lourdes spring in Perancis, Tlacote spring in Mexico and even the Nordenau cave in Germany. Now, what exactly would motivate the sick and infirm to travel thousands of miles away from their homelands to visit such places? These travellers believe that the waters from such fonts have the potential to slow the aging proccess and is capable of curing chronic illnesses.

 Isn't this "Miracle Water" just plain water?

The answer to that question is NO and the difference is clear. The "Miracle Water" found in such areas isn't some sort of myth or fantasy. This "Miracle Water" has one thing in common with each other - they are all rich in molecular hydrogen! 

“Miracle Water is rich in Hydrogen” 

In a scientific study done by Dr. Shirahata of the Kyushu University in Japan, he found that this “Miracle Water" contains 200-300 times more molecular hydrogen than ordinary tap water. Sometimes these values are even higher, depending on water source.

What is I-Mizu Platinum?

I-MIZU PLATINUM contains 4,500 times more molecular hydrogen content than the Lourdes Spring in France!”

How did this "Miracle Water" from the Lourdes spring in France, the Nordenau cave in Germany and the Tlacote well in Mexico come about? Through natural alkaline minerals like calsium, magnesium, natrium and kalium, that's how. Those natural minerals break down water molecules (H2O) thus releasing molecular hydrogen (H2).

Today, modern scientific advances allow us to produce hydrogenized water with a much greater amount of diluted molecular hydrogen.

Utilizing the latest in Japanese hydrogen technology, I-Mizu has succeeded in producing a water that has a molecular hydrogen content of 2,500,000 ppt (parts per trillion). This is 4,500 times more than the molecular hydrogen content of the spring water from Lourdes Spring, France.

Click on this link to see just how amazing Lourdes spring water is.

The Molecular Hydrogen Content of Several Sources:

*(ppt) Parts per trillion

"Molecular Hydrogen provides a protective and therapeutic effect  on health that will cause a great impact in the future"

- Free Radical Research, 2010

Free radicals in one's body is the cause for many a disease. Numerous studies have proven that molecular hydrogen is the most efficient antioxidant because it is capable of neutralizing free radicals thus helping to return one's health to optimum levels and becoming a solution to health problems. 

Now that you know what its antioxidizing benefits can do for you, switch to

I-MIZU PLATINUM today and ensure the health of you and your family!