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Functional Drinks

i-Mizu Original

Malaysia's Premier Botanical Alkaline Drink

Botanical alkaline water well suited to ensuring health & vitality. Great for rejuvenating one's self after a long, hard day or strenuous exercise.

i-MIZU Xtreme

Energy Boost Drink

Xtremely Powerful! Give yourself the boost you need for the game and the day with i-MIZU Xtreme! Formulated to give you an instant energy boost when needed.

i-MIZU Hydro

Mineralised Alkaline Water

Crafted with natural mineral filtering and enhanced with Sakura, iMIZU Hydro is the hydrating and replenishing alkaline drink for you.

i-MIZU Bird's Nest

Super Healthy Drink

Made with Super Premium Quality Bird's Nest,
i-MIZU Bird's Nest is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the many health benefits of Bird's Nest. Sweeted with Rock Sugar.

i-MIZU Chia

Chia Seed + 100% Pure Pressed Juice

Deliciously rewarding pressed banana and soursop juice mixed with Chia Seeds. Made 100% pure from real tropical fruits. No sugar added.

i-Mizu Platinum

Hydrogen-enhanced Natural Japanese Spring Water

Technology and Health meet together - pure Japanese Spring Water from Mount Fuji enhanced with Hydrogen particles better health and rejuvenation.

Kekal Bertenaga Sepanjang Hari Dengan Imizuchia

Dapatkan jus asli Durian Belanda atau Pisang! 100% jus asli tanpa pengawet atau gula tambahan.

Why I-Mizu

"ii" is the Japanese word for great. Mizu is the word for water. Together they carry the meaning of "great water" and here at i-Mizucare we aim to provide healthy, luxurious, premium and delicious drinks for all the world.

Botanical Alkaline

i-Mizu focuses on providing quality water sourced from the highest quality water sources around the world. High in alkaline and infused with botanical aspects, I-Mizu offers quality, luxurious and unique products to all its customers. Nothing but the best for you.

Natural Goodness

i-Mizu prides itself on using real quality fresh fruits in the manufacture of its various products, sparing no expense in procuring the very best ingredients from anywhere in the world. From Brazil to Japan, I-Mizu will find the very best, for you.

Most Powerful Antioxidant

Sourced from Mount Fuji, Japan and infused with hydrogen gas comes the most powerful antioxidant drink in Malaysia. Experience the antioxidising benefits of i-Mizu Platinum today.

Packaging Concept

Maintaining the freshness and quality of our products is of paramount importance here at i-Mizu. We want you to enjoy every i-Mizu drink you buy, hence, we use the very best packaging process to preserve freshness. For your health!

Want us to deliver a carton of I-Mizu Original straight to you? No problem!


Psst. Do you really like I-Mizu Original? Want to drink it all year 'round?




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